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Acme Plastic Thunderer

Thunderer - black plastic

Thunderer - black plastic

Ref: 28

Black plastic version of the famous brass/nickel Thunderer
Extremely popular throughout the world

Price: 3.00

Would you like to add a wrist lanyard?

Thunderer 660

Thunderer 660

Ref: 660 Thundere

Available in a wide range of colours -
Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Yellow and Luminous

This small versatile whistle is classified as -
Blowrate - easy
Blowsound - maximum
Blowtone - high


Price: 2.70

Thunderer 660 Finger Grip

Thunderer 660 Finger Grip

Ref: 660FG

Finger grip version of the popular 660 only available in black

Price: 4.00